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Clean Code

We make a very high-quality product and so our code is very neat and clean. Delivering the lates code in the background to ensure your website is always running smoothly and delivering a great front end experience.

Technical Support

We offer support 24/7 using our mixture of online, face to face and telephone support, thus ensuring a end product deliverd to meet your business needs.

Proven Technology

We only use proven technologies, not necessarily the latest. For example, CSS is proven for page layout and we use it.

Top Performance

All of the equipment we use and access is of a the very best standard, from our Green powered web hosting servers to the computers and tablets we own.

Quality Servers

We run servers in multipial lications in the UK and Europe to ensure your website is always ready to accept visitors and customers.


The new advanced optimization techniques and how to make them work for small sites, large brand or e-commerce.

Website Design That Works for You

If you have a company or a business, taking it online is an essential step to be a part of the competition today. People today look for everything on the internet. Be it a service, a product or just information. To be able to increase potential consumers and customers it is necessary to be available at the online platform.

The very first step it to build a website for your company. Whether you choose to present a Simple website, a multifunctional website, a 3D website or a basic website; a website is a must! It is like your address, your credibility and your personal space. What you include in your website and the way you present it is completely your choice. While complex websites may look attractive they may deter consumers. A simple website is appreciated! Simple means, a website that looks organized, gives all the necessary information along with a pleasant look and easy usability. Many make the mistake of adding everything on one website. The ultimate result is a chaos and excessive links, buttons, tabs and images- a definite deterrent! The main idea is to create a basic website that focuses on what is necessary representing the company's objectives and easy access to all that it offers.

Website development, like any other business strategy, must be handled by experts and professionals. It's not an easy task and involves great planning and organizing. Website Designing is a dynamic field. New technologies and advanced software and applications make it an ever growing industry. As an entrepreneur it might not be possible for you to spend hours and weeks to study about website development. Even if you do it requires technical skill and knowledge to be an expert at website designing. The solution- contact a professional!

We are a professional website designing company that helps clients achieve desired results. After successfully establishing our business and services in Liverpool, we have now extended our reach and set our website design to a Southampton base. With years of experience, a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment for 100% customer satisfaction, we have helped many people launch their website with great results and higher success for the business. Website design is a technical task that is handled by skilled, creative and passionate designers in our team. We are here to give website design for companies in Southampton a professional and an expert market that benefits clients and their customers alike.

WEBIT is a design, hosting, SEO and Social Media business in England, we are a one stop shop for your online needs and wants. We are able to offer everything you will need to grow your business, showcase your work and drive customers to your business. We have the pleasure of working with large and small companies from all over the UK, we are here to deliver a fantastic service, at affordable rates in a time scale that will meet your needs, we also are delighted to say that thanks to our core principles and price guarantee we have NEVER been beat on price.

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Our Promise

"Quality, Price & Service" - find the same level of service that we offer from another provider and we will beat that price by 25%

You can trust that we will always have the best quality products, responsibly sourced. We work hard with all our suppliers to ensure they pay full attention to the well-being of their employees, their communities and the environment in which they're based. This includes using sustainable materials and methods wherever possible, and trading ethically at all times. We have the very highest standards when it comes to product quality, plus we regularly benchmark our products and services against the competition to ensure we're not just market-leading in quality, but also on price.

We set highly competitive prices for all our products and services, with a dedicated team regularly checking them against our competitors. If we find a competitor offering a better price for the same product, sold with the same service conditions, we'll lower our price to match, including when a competitor is having a sale. Some competitors have a different price depending on the time of year; in that instance we'll match whichever is the lower of the two. We also know that some competitors have a lower price in specific regions of the Country Where this happens again we will match the lower of the 2 prices they are offering.

WEBIT staff are highly trained to offer helpful, impartial advice on all products. Our service doesn't end with your purchase – we provide excellent after-sales and a great choice of expert services to help you, from website setup to ongoing care and support. We also offer ongoing help and advice, and we can help with everything from designing your web shop to getting your first online order. Many of our specialist services come at no extra cost; some are chargeable, but all are delivered to the highest possible standards.

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